Hilarious Writing Humor!

doryHappy Monday!  Since writers are always looking for excuses to procrastinate, I thought I would help you out and give you a few minutes.  (Not that real authors ever procrastinate.  I know that.  It’s only me.)  Besides, everyone seems to hate Mondays, so this should make you smile. 🙂Click on the pictures to pin!  Which one is your favorite?


It truly is.

I'm mad at myself for laughing at this...:

I laughed so hard once I got this.

Sigh... I have a new idea in the middle of writing one. I want to write this new one, but I have nO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH IT!:

This is totally me.  I currently have 7.6 billion book ideas tossing around in my head.

Oh my gosh.... *facepalm* XD I totally do this.... (And it's "A day will come", not "one day". *is picky about LotR lines* :P):

I am happy to say that I am past the second page in my book.  Maybe one day I’ll reach the third…

You Should Be Writing:

Others should be writing, I agree.  See you on Friday for a spectacular prompt!


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