Character Prompt #1

character prompt featureWell, looky here!  It’s something new, something that you haven’t seen before!  People sometimes struggle with writing original characters.   To help you (and me…) I came up with the idea of character prompts.  If you search, you’ll find a couple, but nothing very interesting.  

Here is how it works.  I will either give a description of a character, or a story with an       un-described character.  You come up with a setting for the description of the character, or the character to use with the story.  It is supposed to get you in the mindset of creating new and different characters.  You are welcome to use the characters you have created based off the prompts, but that is not the specific purpose of the post.  Good?  

Write about a teenager who is about to pick a mushroom.  Make the time period either medieval or in the future.  Include and explanation on why he/she is picking this mushroom.

character prompt

Don’t forget to submit your character in the comments area!



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