A List of the Lesser Known Superpowers

telekinesis gif tumblr - Google SearchHave you ever taken clean sheets out of the dryer and ran with them around the house like a cape?  Superpowers are always a subject that is written about constantly, but I’m getting a little tired of the normal superpowers.  Flight, strength, etc.  So, you can reference this helpful list to see what else you can do! (gif credit: google, not sure originally)

  • Shape Shifting— This is a very interesting one because it can be either
    • Inanimate Objects: Like a lamp, a table, or a rock, or 
    • Animate Objects: Mostly animals
  • Age Shifting: Pretty self-explanatory
  • Knowledge— I don’t see this very much at all for some reason.  I think it would be awesome to have an extra-genius person as a main character.
  • Influence (Or Charm-Speaking):  This makes for a very interesting villain.
  • Limited Immortality: For example: The immortal cannot die of natural causes, but feels pain much more.
  • Cryokinesis:  Tolerating extreme cold and being able to harness that power."All things are breakable when touched by the cold"(credit: google.co.uk)
  • Pyrokinesis (Fire Manipulating): Except instead of the person being able to conjure fire, he can withstand extreme heat?
    Cool fire effect,  looks like fire bender stuff. #avatar

    (credit: socialmediasass.tumblr.com)

  • Time/Reflexes: You can move twice as fast as everyone else without slowing time down.
  • Night Vision:  or heat vision…
  • Seeing into another Dimension: I’ll let you think of the details!
  • Super Skill:  Being able to learn everything quickly.
  • Telekinesis:  Used a lot, but twist the workings!telekinesis gif tumblr - Google Search
  • Animation:  I love this one, but I never see it!  Animate things that were previously inanimate. ° • ● ability to animate previously inanimate objects(Google.com)
  • Weather Manipulation:  Limited control of wind, rain, fog, etc.
  • Twists: Give a normal superpower limits!

What are your favorite superpowers?

UPDATE:  Due to Popularity, another list of superpowers was created.  (A List of Little-Known Superpowers)  There’s even more rare superpowers!
Hungry for even More?  Check out A List of Rare Mythological Creatures.  (I bet that you don’t know them all!)

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    1. Oh my gosh! Sorry everyone! My whole paragraph was deleted!😨 At least on my screen, anyway. It was about my blog. My blog is called the Audrey Wumbo Blog. It’s about Anime, games, random thoughts, dreams, cartoons, etc. Look it up online. Please follow my blog, and comment there, too! Sayōnara! (I’m sure you all know that one.😉)


  1. Vibration manipulation is quite unknown, the only time I’ve seen it is on Agents of SHIELD with Agent Daisy Johnson. It’s so unnoticed yet so powerful and the applications can be amazing. Vibration emission, shock waves, earthquakes, levitation, variations of telekinesis, and frequency amplification are just a few ways this ability could be used and I think it’s beautiful.


  2. I don’t know if you’ve read them, but the Alcatraz books (I believe the first one is Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians) are full of awesome super-powers. The main character’s “talent” is to break things. Another character can trip at opportune moments. Yet another arrives late to everything (including a gunshot wound once). I love all the unique powers in those books. 🙂


  3. Another -kenesis I suppose, would be terrakenesis, the manipulation of the ground. I don’t see that very often. And reality warping this could fit under telakenesis I suppose. I see reality warping as bending someone’s perspective to see whatever you want them to.
    I enjoyed this post!



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