Should you MBTI Type Your Characters?

slide1I was very happy when I discovered my personality type.  For one thing, it showed that I was rare, (Less than one percent are women, and sometimes thought to be the rarest of all) It also showed that I wasn’t totally alone in my adverseness to hug-y people.  Points to whoever can guess what type I am.  (Scroll to find out)  The questions is: Should you type your characters?  First off, what is MBTI?

MBTI is short for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  It’s basically a personality test that tells whether you are introverted or extroverted, sensing or intuitive, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving.  So how does this help create strong characters?

The four categories are just the top layer of the ocean.  There is 16 personality types, but you can go deeper with a guide or an official test-giver.  The website that I like (Free!) is  The way the categories mix shows how you react to other people, how you approach life, your outlooks, your work life, and basically everything else.Image result for MBTI the mastermind

(Pic from Pinterest)

Should you type them?  I have typed two of my characters.  One is an INTJ, and the other is an INTP/J.  I think that character’s personality will be solidified the more I write about him.  I like that I have a personality that I can default on and can reference when I’m like: WWCD (What Would Character Do?)  

The reason I haven’t typed the others is: I didn’t feel the need.  I knew them better, and knew all their quirks and habits.  I didn’t need to find out about them.  For the two I did type, I really learned more about the characters, and now look forward to writing them more.

There are two ways to type:  

  • Look at the personality descriptions and assign one to your character
  • Take the test as your character  

I personally like the first way.

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for: I am an INTJ.  (And of course you read the article, and didn’t scroll down, right?)

Do you type your characters?  What are their types?




5 thoughts on “Should you MBTI Type Your Characters?

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  2. I really have no idea what I am… except that I’m extrovert and intuitive. I’ve taken the test a few times, and those are the only things that tested consistently. 😛 Kate said that extroverts tend to not understand themselves very well, so maybe that helps explain things a little, but still… I’ve tested ENTP, ENTJ, and ENFJ. Since I got J two times and T two times, maybe I’ll just go with ENTJ. 😛 😉
    I really like your blog though! Lots of useful and interesting stuff; keep up the good work! 😀


    • Hmm, yes. I think most writers tend to be intuitive. Well, Kate would know, so I’ll just agree with her! 😛 My dad is an ENTJ, but I couldn’t see him ever writing. 😉
      And thanks! I’m glad you like it 🙂



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