Plot Twists!

Plot Twists: Expanding Your World | Art of Stories:

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As I discussed in the last post about writer’s block, sometimes you need to do something else.  If your story is lagging somewhere (likely in the middle) try adding one of these twists or complications to your story.  Do with them as you will.

Some things to try:

Introduce a new character, or make one disappear if you have to many.

Write a chapter that is basically a series of unfortunate events.

Include a secret passage in your story.

The main character gets captured.

Someone dies.  (Be very careful with this!!!  It need to move the story along in some way, shape, or form.)

Someone gets sick.  (And we have to save the world tomorrow!  What are we going to do?!)

Someone betrays someone else. (Cue dramatic music)

The main character has to do something they absolutely hate.  (Like walk past a whole bunch of spiders)

Something they were counting on just failed.

They meet the villain, only they don’t know it was the villain.

It starts to rain.

A potential threat has to be dissipated.

The main character makes a big mistake.

The main character deliberately makes a mistake.

They have place their trust in an unlikely person.

Someone becomes a Christian.

I hope this helps!  Best of luck writing your story!





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