Fantasy Writing Prompts Series One

feature writing promptHello and welcome back!  you might have noticed that writing prompts have been in short supply.  I’m now going to do series of prompts (with share-able images) based on genre.  First up: Fantasy.  I mean, who doesn’t like some good fantasy?

You are a time traveler who is cursed with messing something up in whatever place you are present in.  Also, you cannot control where or when your powers take you.





An old wishing well wishing-well-promptmysteriously appears in your backyard one night. (And you’re the only one who can see it, perhaps?)







A person from a fantasy world tumbles into ours.  A twist on the portal fantasy.





Your pet is a shapeshifter, and you never know what shape he will assume when you wake up.



In compliance with the new and approved fantasy creature code of conduct, dragons are not allowed to fly, so they pilot specially made airplanes instead.  They just had to much of an advantage over everyone else.







A crown appears on your bed one night.  Of course, you pick it up with gloves and lock it securely in a safe.  You like your life how it is, and really don’t want it to change.  That is, until your younger sibling finds the crown…



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