Guest Post- How to Stay Actively Writing During the Holidays


You know how hard it is to write during the holidays?  I mean, there is traveling, eating your heart out, Christmas parties, presents to find and wrap, trees to find, and naps to catch up on.  It can seem hard to cram writing into that busy schedule!  So, I have a special blog post for everyone today!

Wysteria Campion blogs at  She offers practical advice on writing, makes fantastic art prompts, crafts imaginative writing prompts, and just has a very happy blog.  Did I mention that in all of her blog posts she includes pictures of clouds?  So go over there when you finish reading this post and comment on her awesome stuff! 


Hi, this is Wysteria Campion! Today I am going to tell you how to stay writing during the holidays.

It’s hard to write during the holidays, Christmas and Thanksgiving especially. If you are anything like my family, you have holiday decorations year-round. I personally struggle to write during Christmas especially because, decorations (inside and out), parties, baking, travelling, etc. Thanksgiving is a relatively easier time to write, but still difficult. I think I’ll tell you my tips in form of a list (my favorite type of post). Remember: all of my tips are just recommendations. Just find a fit that works for you. 🙂


  1. Find a regular time each day to sit down and write.

You should try to do this method in all circumstances. But when your schedule revolves around Christmas, travelling, and parties, you should budget in a special amount of time to write, probably different than your normal routine. If you can’t write each day, try every few days or at least once a week.

  1. Writers Block Breaker Games.

I use Rory’s Story cubes when I can’t think of anything to write. (And to generate my writing prompts.) You could get a group of people, whether your family or a party, and play a game with them. Games that have words and that don’t require story cubes and may make you think in a different way include: scrabble, bananagrams, apples to apples, balderdash, boggle, and competitive cross word puzzles. That last one can be interpreted any way you want.

  1. In any free time during the day, THINK

I think about my stories in progress all the time. When I’m doing the dishes, parked at a traffic signal (because that is technically what it’s called), or even decorating. Thinking about your stories during a task is a good way to spend your time because, the task you are doing may give you an idea. I will also say that you should also only think like this during a task that requires LITTLE concentration. High concentration jobs are more likely to get messed up if you are lost in your mind.  

  1. Don’t Stress-Out About Writing!

One of the ways to acquire Writer’s block during the Holidays, or really any time of the year, is stressing out, and trying too hard to write. Let the words flow out of you. You can do that by just writing random words, listening to music and letting whatever words come to you flow out onto the paper and you should experiment how to relieve stress and write freely.

  1. Let other People help you

No one writes a book alone. If you do, kudos. I have had multiple premises that I thought could take me somewhere, and I could not get past the first chapter by myself. I talk with my family and friends, and the first chapter is laid out, my characters are nearly finished and I feel good about this story. You could probably get help from family you don’t see in your normal year during the holidays. Perhaps there’s that cousin you haven’t seen since last Thanksgiving, and they give you a lot of good ideas about your writing.


I hope this helps you in all your writing journeys.

Maayo Nga Nanamilit – Wysteria



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