Lessons from Lit- Be Thankful

If you haven’t noticed that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, you probably live under a rock. Or live somewhere else besides the USA.  Or have young kids.  Anyways, November just seems like a good month to be thankful in.  (Also, if you’re like our Canadian friend who joined us for Thanksgiving dinner last year, you’ll find out that America has some pretty good food too.)

Sometimes, it’s hard to be thankful.  We may not be happy about politics, our job, school, etc. Thanksgiving comes and goes, then Christmas, then everything just seems boring, plain, ordinary, etc.

Sometimes, though, we should just stop where we are, and count our blessings.  In addition, helping someone else makes us realize how much we have.  You can help someone else who has less than you.  Spend a minute with the elderly neighbor on your street and listen to them, or offer free child care to a struggling mother.  Find some way to help others, and studies prove that you will be happier, as well as making other people happier.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Anne of Green Gables, but she does have the right outlook.  In the midst of trouble and heartache, she still comments on the lovely month of October, she makes “kindred spirit” friends, and is generally a good girl, at least, as good as one can be when you have hair the color of carrots. 😉

Almost everyone has heard a Winnie the Pooh story at least once in their lifetime.  My favorite character was Piglet, and Piglet has anxiety issues, he’s smaller than everyone else, and has to deal with a lot for such a little guy.  But Piglet is also nice, tries to be cheerful, and can be a very good friend.

During this season of thankfulness, let’s remember to be thankful all year round.




















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