Why NOT to Write a Novel

not-to-write-a-book-picNow this is an interesting topic.  Most people toss the “Write a best-seller and publish it” on their bucket list.  That can be a good thing.  Or it can be a bad thing.  

Why Write If You Have Nothing to Say?

This should be a no-brainer.  No one wants to read a book that isn’t interesting.  If you have nothing to say, maybe you shouldn’t write that memoir or other book.  If you don’t really have a good plot, everything falls to pieces, the book sits in a drawer, (or in the wastebasket…) and not much comes out of the experience.  (Save the experience you now have.)

You Aren’t That Interested in Writing

Hey, if you don’t really have a passion for writing, it won’t sound that good when you try to impart your thoughts onto paper.  As Robert Frost quipped : No tears for the writer, no tears for the reader.  If you don’t care to much for your story, then the reader won’t either.

Writing Is HARD Work

Don’t get me wrong, writing can be fun.  To get to that wonderful finished novel however, you’ll have to go through numerous edits, lots of time invested on a project that you may eventually trash, proofreading, staring at a blank page, writer’s block…  It isn’t all a piece of cake.

EVERYONE Wants to be Published

There are a lot of wanna-be writers out there.  Only the cream rises to the top.  Even after you go through the process of writing, editing, proofreading, formatting, and publishing, there’s a pretty big chance that it won’t become a bestseller.  (Read: almost impossible)  Writing is a crowded area, and unless your writing is amazing it’s unlikely that millions will come your way.  Unfortunately, it’s really easy to write bad fiction, and really hard to write good fiction.

On the other hand, writing can be a good outlet.  Just don’t expect to make millions and the whole process to be easy.  Also, don’t give up.  Laura Ingalls wasn’t published until she was 65, and the famous short story author O’ Henry wasn’t published until 42.  Just make sure that writing is something that you’re really interested in. 🙂



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