Writer’s Block (Poem)


Writer’s Block

My characters up and ran,
not according to the plan.
“Wait!” I say,
“What is wrong with you today?!”They said, “We are sick of writing,”
“Because of you so many are dying!”
“But,” I plead,
“They died for just and noble deeds!”

“No! Why should we believe you?”
“Someone dies in this scene, who?”
“Stop,” I yell,
“Before I kill you all!”“Murderer, thief, you promised fame!”
They cried, “To everyone who has a name!”
“Yes!”  I remembered,
“But each character is differently honored!”

“Honored by dying?  We think not.”
I sat down my pen,
And I sat and thought.  I said then,
“I must kill, or the book won’t be bought.”

“Well,” sulked they,
“We’ll leave a present then part our ways.”
Tittering and chuckling, away they walked,
And in their place, rested writer’s block!



3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block (Poem)

  1. I think I’ll write one too, about writer’s block. This one is so inspiring! I love it. I think you would be quite good at limericks. This is so good! Have you posted it on allpoetry.com?




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