Ilyon Chronicles Book 1: Resistance- Book Review

Here’s the promised book review.  Let’s start by saying that I really didn’t think I would like this book at all.  Sure, it received a bronze reader’s award, but it couldn’t be that good.  This is Christian fiction we’re talking about here, right?  

I was so wrong.

I bought Resistance on a Black Friday sale just because it had so many great reviews.  I was still doubtful, but decided to pick it up.  I am so glad I did.  (In fact, after I read it, I turned around and gave it to my mother to read, and she loved it.)

Resistance is Christian non-magical fantasy.  At first I was skeptical that author Jaye L. Knight would maintain the fantasy part of it.  I needn’t have worried.  Swords, action, capture, alluding to dragon-riding Cretes for book 2, everything.  

The Blurb: (From back of book)

Don’t you know? Animals like you have no soul.”

Could God ever love a half-blood all of society looks upon with such fear and disdain? Jace once believed so, but when a tragic loss shatters the only peace he’s ever known, his faith crumbles as the nagging doubts he’s tried to put behind him descend on his grieving heart. With them come the haunting memories of the bloodstained past he longs to forget, but can never escape.

Taken from home at a young age and raised to serve the emperor, Kyrin Altair lives every day under a dangerous pretense of loyalty. After her unique observation skills and perfect memory place her into direct service to the emperor, Kyrin finds herself in further jeopardy as it becomes increasingly difficult to hide her belief in Elôm, the one true God.

Following the emperor’s declaration to enforce the worship of false gods under the penalty of death, many lives are endangered. But there are those willing to risk everything to take a stand and offer aid to the persecuted. With their lives traveling paths they never could have imagined, Jace and Kyrin must fight to overcome their own fears and conflicts with society as they become part of the resistance.

Perhaps not so obvious in the blurb, there’s a lot of fast paced action in Resistance.  However, there is also an intense emotional depth to Kyrin and Jace that I haven’t seen before.  The author pens her words clearly and fluidly, something that, though becoming more common, is still rare in self-published books.  We feel the emotional turmoil between the characters, which I love.  

The Characters:

Jace:  A half Ryrik who is despised by humans for his violent Ryrik blood.  He trusts only Rayad, who bought him from a slave owner who made him fight gladiators.  He is bitter and broken, his only friend being a superstition inducing black wolf.  

Kyrin:  She’s awesome.  Unlike other YA/New Adult novels, the female protagonist is strong and not wimpy.  She has the ability to remember everything.  She’s a strong believer in Elom, even in the midst of peril and hostile places.  Despite Jace’s Ryrik blood, she shows that she cares for him.

Kaden:  Kyrin’s twin brother.  He’s goofy in a funny way.  He stands up for Kyrin even in Tarvin Hall, where they were sent by their Grandfather to learn how to serve the evil King Daican.

Endathlorsam/Sam: A Talcrin who teaches Kyrin and Kaden about Elom and tries to help them escape from Tarvin hall.

Trask:  Leader of a band of outcasts and rebels against the King Daican, who tries to have all the people worship only Aertus and Vilai, the moon gods.  (Trask was inspired by Robin Hood)

What I liked:  The characters felt real and believable.  The world building is in its beginning stages, but it feels very promising.  Lennae, a woman at the camp, is a very motherly figure to Kyrin since her own mother is not there.  Tension is well portrayed between non-believers and believers in the same family.  The action scenes are clear and well written.  The ending is satisfying, but leaves you wanting to get the next book.

What I didn’t like:  Some parts were a little violent (it never got gory)  but I wouldn’t recommend it for younger than 12 or 13.  It’s New Adult, so the age range is from 18-25.  At parts, the plot feels a little predictable.  

After devouring this book, I asked for the second book for Christmas.  I then couldn’t wait for the third book so I bought that too.  The fourth book is coming out in spring of 2017!  (It’s a six book series)

This book is an interesting portrayal of what it might be like to have faith in a place where it is outlawed.  Bonus: that place is a fantasy land.  It’s amazing.  Go buy it.  

PLOT: 4.5/5

Verdict: 4 for younger audiences, 5 for older audiences




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