What to do When Lacking Motivation to Write

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Shout out to all who have already broken their writing New Year’s Resolutions…  Yeah, that would be me.

I took this (short) interesting quiz of sorts.  I’m a pretty big fan of The Rebelution, and they have some good articles, so you should check them out.  Back to the topic, I took this quiz they offered called the WriterScore (free).  It was helpful for me to figure out where I was lacking.  The result categories are:

Dreamer (1-29): Hobbyist moving towards serious writer.
Starter (30-59): Serious writer, a few big pieces away from being able to pursue publishing.
Planner (60-89): Publishable writer, probably just needs a mentor to pursue publication.
Achiever (90+): Probably already published, or should be.

I landed in the Planner category.  The biggest thing I realized though, is that a lot of us writers (bad grammar, I know) have several big pieces together, they just lack the motivation.  

So what do you do when you’re just not motivated to write?

You can:

Randomly insert a emotional scene.  Really.  This works.  I’m not saying you should kill characters, but adding something to make you feel excited about writing is key, whether it’s a scene or

The ending.  You know you want to finish the book/story.  Here’s what I do, envision the ending in your head and work towards that goal.  Watch it like a movie over and over again.  You’ll feel so confident about it, that you just want to finish writing and get to that perfect ending. (Don’t write the ending first.  Save it, like dessert after broccoli.)

Get excited about writing.  Remember when you first started writing that book or story or poem?  Remember when you were so excited about it?  Start thinking about those reasons, and remember why this story is going to be amazing.

Push away self-doubt.  You may hate your work.  There is a point when the book may just have to be pushed aside, but don’t entertain that thought.  Persevere!  Promise yourself to finish it, even if you don’t think it’s good.

Read your favorite book.  What are your favorite things from that book?  What is the icing on the cake from the book?  The worldbuilding?  The adorable side kick animal?  Take what you love from other books, and incorporate them into yours.  (without stealing 😉 )

Also, check out mywriteclub.com for goal setting.  It’s very helpful, especially if you’re like me when it comes to goals! 😛



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