A Brief Update and an Announcement

Ahem.  *clears throat*


As some of you know, I don’t have constant access to wi-fi at the moment.  Therefore, posts might be slightly sporadic for a bit.  I’ll try to post whenever I have access, but read aware.  You might want to check out the posts: Hilarious Writing Humor!Bunnicula- Book Review, 5 Poisonous Plants every Writer Should Know About!, and Off Track- Short Story because I know you’ll miss me.

The Announcement:

I have embarked upon a new journey.  

First, let’s talk about fandoms.  (Have you ever tried to explain to your parents what fandoms, headcannons, and all that stuff?  It’s difficult.)

Fandoms are crazy, and awesome.  And who says you can’t be in just one?  Currently, I’m in the Narnia fandom, Ranger’s Apprentice fandom, Percy Jackson fandom, Lord of the Rings fandom, and the list goes on and on and on.

Have you ever wanted to visit a site completely devoted and dedicated to fandoms?  This new website will cure all your ails, imaginary or real, become a place to mourn beloved character’s deaths, relive dramatic moments, and memes.  Can’t forget the memes.Image result for sebastian gif little mermaid

Enough with the toothpaste commercial.

Introducing Fandom Quest.

I’m a co-author of the blog, along with three other lovely people.  If you ever need more posts about fandom-related things, that’s the place to go.  The posts won’t stop here!

If you’d like to read a piece I wrote, go here.

So saying, my computer has no access to wi-fi, and hopefully this draft will save before my computer crashes.  


UPDATE:  hey lookie, it actually saved and published!



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