A Little Thing Called Pinterest (And Why You Need it for Writing)

pinterest final redo
Anybody heard of Pinterest?  I try not to spend my whole life on the site.  It’s seriously addictive.  I primarily began using it for writing.  Why Pinterest, you ask.  Isn’t that only for clothing and food?  I’m here to tell you that Pinterest is amaze for writing.  No this isn’t an advertisement for my Pinterest account, even though I might use some examples and I wouldn’t mind the followers.  😛

*all pics from pinterest, of course

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest helps get the very roughest ideas in a slightly organized mess.  Since that doesn’t make sense, let me explain.  When I first think of a new idea, I mull it around in my head for a day, a week, a month, or even a year.  (Yes, that has happened.)  Sometimes though, the plot doesn’t magically assemble itself.  (Am I joking?  Never.)  I get the vibe of the story, but not the plot.  *Pinterest comes in to save the day.*  I basically just start pinning everything that is remotely related to the idea into a special board.  That then generates ideas for plot, characters, and so forth.

But How?

Did I mention that there is an endless supply of writing prompts?  And quotes.

I pick a few quotes, and they become the essence of my novel.  Everything else revolves around that.  Examples:





These quotes kind of become the main focus of my story.  They aren’t necessarily related to each other, (most of the time) but they drive my story in the right direction.


Pinterest has an amazing amount of character inspiration.  I just find some people I like, and boom!  I know what my characters look like.

Rayell older: Tessa: Traze:


Then I tackle random elements.

Sometimes I do this first, but it all depends on how clear the idea is to me.

(open) I mumble the spell as I begin to create the water. After a while, I begin to start controlling it and my smile widens as I make shapes. I hear the door open to the roof and lose my concentration. Making me groan and turn to look at you. -Mari: #superpower #lightning #hand: He won a paper airplane competition:

Then I tackle Scenery.

I love doing this, and things get wacky. I decide later what stays and what goes.  It’s basically a dump of everything I love and want to incorporate in the story.

Transport on the upper levels of our cyberpunk city: Abandoned tunnels under nyc: #emilykinney - "One more minute. That was all that remained of his wait; one more minute. The anticipation had caused his wobble to cease, despite the continuation of the extravagant height. The beads of sweat popping out across his forehead no longer were because of his concentrating on balancing. No, they now squeezed and pooled over because there was now only one more minute. And then . . . Then all would see. . . . All would know.":


There’s normally a lot of stuff.  Write what you love, right? 🙂


I find random stuff that I like.  These include but are not limited to: donuts, tea, black boots, that good stuff.



Then I go from there!

It’s pretty easy to go from ideas to elements for me.  Images greatly help my brain move along, and from elements, I get plot.

If you want to see the boards, go here for the jumbled mess one.  I made a pretty board too, and you can see that by clicking here.

Have you ever used Pinterest for storyboarding and the like?


9 thoughts on “A Little Thing Called Pinterest (And Why You Need it for Writing)

  1. I don’t think you could have chosen a better place for inspiration.
    It’s not only seriously addictive but you can get lost down the rabbit hole really quickly and end up miles from where you started.
    I’m not one for typical social media. No Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any of the more popular venues. I prefer Instructables, Stumble upon and sites I can acquire knowledge on subjects that are of the Don’t try this at home type. I do have a Google+ account just because it makes logging in to a lot of sites easier.
    I’m not particularly clear how I ended up with a Pinterest account but it is awesome! I can generally find answers to whatever is needed at the time on any subject but only if I don’t get sidetracked by those darned rabbit holes. That’s a REALLY big if.
    Thanks to you for writing on Pinterest and thanks to everybody else who posts all the cool stuff to distract all of us. Admit it, you fall in the rabbit holes too!
    My only change request would be that the people who post update it occasionally. An example is a post about Tesla which states that you can download books and information for free but the link no longer exists. After searching I discovered that the person who was the link passed away years ago (like 2007.) You can download a lot of information through the NY Public Library, the Library of Congress and the World Digital Library not to mention the U.S. Office of Patents and Trademarks. You just have to work for it. They all have impressive digital collections that grow daily.

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  2. I’ve been doing something similar, but until I read this article, it seemed an amorphous collective of randomness. I had just started to sort my writing from my poetry (see Grumpy Prose board) and attempt to organise. until you penned this I don’t think i reaised what i was doing. In the book, on which I’m currently working, I’m attempting to preface each chapter with a piece of personal prose or poetry. We shall see how this works out. Thanks for your insight.
    Grumpy Poet


  3. I ❤ Pinterest. (don't worry, you're not alone in your addiction to it's wonderfulness.) 🙂 Half my writing time is spent procrastinating there–and all my procrastinating time is on Pinterest.

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  4. Hey Jess!
    I have been telling myself stories for as long as I can remember, and my mom tells me I’ve been doing it even longer than that. In all that time, I came up with a major problem: all my girl characters looked like me and acted like me. Some of my guy characters did too. Now, that may not be a bad thing, but when you are planning on publishing five of those stories, you don’t want every female character almost exactly the same. Strangely enough, I only used my name once throughout my early writing days. It was if I realized in my very amateur brain that that would be going a little too far. I started looking up images for my current WIP on google images, but in order to view one I really liked I would have to create a Pintrest account. So, I asked my dad for permission, and he said yes, as long as I got my school done well at the same time. So that is when my Pintrest journey began. I now have lots of faces I have fallen in love with that are very different from my own. I also have used the quotes, just like you said, to help with plot and character development. (What is really funny is that all three of your quotes could fit at least one of my characters.) I have started writing a story driven by characters now, and not just plot twists like I’ve done in the past. Pintrest is a great place for writers. In fact, that is who I thought it was made for. That is, until I saw my friends’ boards and they were filled with clothes and delicious looking food. I have unfollowed all their food boards simply because I can’t stand seeing all that good food without being able to eat it!
    I would love to follow you. Can I have your username and the picture I can identify it with?
    Mine is Bethia Lark with a picture of little dogs hanging on a clothes line.
    God bless you in your Pintrest adventure!
    Bethia Lark


  5. The picture of the guy that you use for a character is the same pic I use for one of mine! And I got it off of Pinterest!



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