My Projects

I realized that after all these goal related posts, that I haven’t really talked about my own goals, completed or in progress.  (Or somewhere floating around in the galaxy…)

If you missed the whole motivation saga, you can read them now. (The Best Websites for Keeping Writing Goals +Camp NaNo, What to do When Lacking Motivation to Write, Why We Write)

Otherwise, this post is going to be about my own writing stuff.  Expect lots of rambling.


Title: The Murky Rose
Brief Synopsis: A dystopian story about five teens with special abilities inherited through an experiment.  Only thing is, the vice president is trying to take anyone with powers out.  Not all is as it seems though…  A gang leader, a self harming girl, a boy full of darkness, poisonous roses, and stars.

Main Character(s): Raylee (water-manipulating,) Dalton (electricity manipulating,) Traze (telekinesis,) Tessa (invisibility,) and Jax (telepathy.)

Current State: A messy completed first draft on my computer.

Inspiration:  I wanted to do twist a cliche that the government is always bad, and the teenagers who save the world are always good.  There’s gray on both sides.


Title: Something fantasy-heroic-ish.  First in a series of sorts about Skiya.

Brief Synopsis: Three young adults go to spy two mysterious powers that have suddenly come into existence.  More adds to the mess when a realm traveler appears and suddenly joins their company.  Magic mirrors, dragons, prophetic dreams, and a bunch of cool stuff.

Main Character(s): Sileana, Adderial (Lotaimien princess,) Farah, and Kate (door keeper of worlds)

Current State: *sobs*  This was my first “real” book attempt…  It’s about half done and needs a LOT of work.  Once I get it down and edited (a lot of editing), I think I’ll love it…

Inspiration: My fantasy land that I used to escape into.  


Title: Ice Cold (substitute title) Second in the series of sorts about Skiya.

Brief Synopsis:  Alice and Brannon are snatched from our world by Kate, and they aren’t too happy about it.  Brannon arrives safely in Skiya, but Alice was diverted.  

Special powers aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. Add that to a villain who is convinced on making her into his puppet? Well, pretty soon, she becomes the villain herself.

Main Character(s): Alice, Daeus, Brannon, Idina, Kate

Current State: About 1,000 words on computer, but I plan to finish it by June.

Inspiration:  Anyone who goes to a fantasy world becomes the hero, the protagonist, the king or queen, right?  But no one goes to a fantasy world to become the villain…


Title: Tirion (substitute title) Third in the series of sorts about Skiya.

Brief Synopsis: Warrior princess who knows what her father the king is doing is wrong.  But the only way to fix it… is to go to Earth.

Main Character(s): Freya, Maron, Kate, +someone else…

Current State: Planning and plotting (Will be a camp nano project or a nanowrimo)

Inspiration:  Fantasy characters rarely come to Earth.  And arranged marriage cliches…


Title: A Book About Kate (obviously not real title) Affiliated with the series of sorts about Skiya.

Brief Synopsis: The very beginning of the Skiya books.  Kate will finally get her own book in this prequel story.  A scared, tough girl in a dystopian society on Earth.  When she isn’t approved to become a shopkeeper, her desired career, she is forced to say goodbye to her mother and leave the life she knows so she can serve her government.  Sad, happy, and dystopian-fantasy blend.

Main Characters: Kate, and someone who doesn’t have a name yet.

Current State: A thrown away start in a journal.  Will probably become a nanowrimo project.

Inspiration: My first story (when I was about 6) had a girl named Kate who went on this fantasy adventure through a mirror.  This is Kate re-imagined and as a realm-traveler.  Also, anti-heroes fascinated me.  

Don’t expect to see any of these in print anytime soon.  *sighs* One day, maybe.




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