A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

So, apparently people like to read sarcastic posts about homeschooling.  And I love writing sarcastic posts about homeschooling.  Therefore, you get another homeschooling post.

It’s almost summer!!!  All my classes (except the dreaded math) are ending this month!!!  (Huge perk of homeschooling–all my classes end super early.)  That means I’m cramming frantically like the world’s ending  studying for all the tests and trying to raise my grades a few points.  That’s why this post is late.

Anyways, since people tend to think we homeschoolers sit around all day in their pajamas, hopefully this will dispel those myths.


7:15  I wake up and take a shower.  I grab all my stuff that was put out last night for chemistry, and finish printing out lab reports.

8:00  I eat breakfast

9:00 My science class starts

10:00  I am thoroughly sick of hearing about sub-atomic particles that are floating around in the air

10:10  I forget to write down something really super important during lab.

10:30  I finally get to go home and eat a snack.

11:00  I try not to get distracted by the internet.

11:30  I do some German homework

12:00 I come downstairs and make/eat lunch

12:30  I go back upstairs and start writing my essay for English.

2:00  I’ve written several paragraphs without getting too distracted by the internet.  

3:00  I write a blog post, write a part of some story, or go on a Pinterest craze.

3:30  I do a lesson of math.  (Blah.)

4:15  I do whatever I didn’t do earlier.  (Read assigned reading, history, etc.)

5:00  I make and eat dinner

7:00  I practice piano

8:00  Who knows.

11:00  Everyone’s in bed so that means PARTY!  I read, sketch, paint, write, whatever I want!

1:00  I finally turn out the lights around one-ish.  (am)

Rise, and repeat.  Every day is different, depending on what classes are coming up, and how much homework is due.  Some days I might not do any math, and just do English all day.  Then there will be the days where all I do is math.  (lots of blah.)

Enjoy your Easter, and try to avoid the pollen!!!



5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

  1. Ha, this sounds pretty much exactly like my schedule, especially the 11 PM–1 AM part. This is why public schoolers think we do nothing all day; ’cause some of us do it at night. XD


  2. Aster,

    I am also home schooled, or was until I entered college. I still say I’m home schooled! There are a lot of myths about home-schoolers it isn’t even funny. When I took the SAT, and got really high scores, I was finally able to prove to people I wasn’t just sitting around in my PJ’s all day. I have been made fun of a lot, though. I was in an orchestra throughout high school, and people would hear I was home schooled and suddenly I wasn’t “cool” enough to talk to, except to tell me I was guaranteed to pass every grade because my teacher was my mom. Well, no. I actually failed the tenth grade because I didn’t do my work until my mom forced me to. And yes, I hate math too, for the most part. I was pretty bad about English too, but that was because it was boring. The only thing I was guaranteed to do every week was Reading. I am a book worm so much, my mom had to ground me from reading. Unfortunately, I am stuck reading boring textbooks now, and it takes all my will power to read about Human Resource Management. Oh well.
    When do you graduate? Are there any special qualifications where you live in order to be home schooled/graduate?

    I completely enjoy and empathize with you.
    God bless and keep you!

    Bethia Lark

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    • I’m not sure when I’m going to graduate, probably two or three years, depending on if I want to graduate early or not. 🙂 Homeschooling has definitely given me a lot of choices through high school! In my state, you have to take a standardized test every year, but there are no other requirements.


      • Same here! I was homeschooled in North Carolina, and we only had to take standardized tests and our mom had to fill out 180 days. That was it.



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