A little update on life…

Hi people!  Life has been crazy for a while now, but that should all come to an end within the next two weeks.  *glitter everywhere*  

I’ve heard that writing about your personal life makes your blog, well, more personable.  I don’t know about that, but it sounded fun to write, so here we are.

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This month: I’m finishing up two classes (yasss) and desperately trying to finish work for TeenPact.  (There’s bound to be a post on this.)

May:  TeenPact.  Yay.  TeenPact is the first week in May, so you might not get a post that week.  (But you will probably get a post talking about how great TeenPact is.)  May is also finish-up-school month, so posting might be a little sporadic.  

June: AKA Study-like-mad-for-ACT.  But, you will get some posts after that.

July: SUMMER!!!!!  Posts everywhere.  

Anyhoo, I’m working on some other things besides school.  I attended a writing seminar with Bryan Davis today, which was super awesome.  (He’s the author of the Dragons in Our Midst series and many, many others.)  I’ve been sorta working on my WIP, but I only wrote about 15k words this month.  (Contrasted to my lofty goal of 40k.)  I’m re-reading all the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus just because.  And I’m doing the rare poem and short story.  I’m busy.

This month, I’ve been listening to: Owl City, Harry Potter soundtracks, HTTYD music, and random instrumental tracks.

I’ve been reading these posts: 

Why You Should Use Meyers Briggs for Discovering Your Characters

Photography with Hilarious Dialogue (Not actual name, but it fits.)

Researching Your Marketplace

AND, Lastly, The Penprints Flash Fiction Dash

button 1

I didn’t organize this or anything, but it looks fun. 😉

And… that’s a wrap.  See you soon, friends!



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