A Shot in the Dark– Flash Fiction

lightbulb shot in the darkHiya.  Today we venture into the dark, deadly, slightly morbid, and screaming eel infested waters.  Who’s with me?  

I know, it’s a terrible way to start a post.  But I wasn’t lying about the dark and deadly stuff.  Scroll on, but be warned that this isn’t about being stuck babysitting a hacker.

She ran into the room, shutting the door behind her.  She gasped when she saw the monster.  It calmly watched her with beady black eyes.  It’s wings curled up from its back, and little puffs of black smoke came from its nose.  The creature was humanoid.  His face kept morphing, as if it couldn’t decide who it wanted to be.  At first, it was her mother.  Then her mother’s boyfriend.  Then the school bully.  Her abusive father’s face then covered the monster.  No matter whose face it was, the eyes stayed black, and no light reflected off of them.  The creature took a step closer to her.  “Who is this, which wants to defeat me?”

She braced herself against the door, and took deep breaths to steady herself.  “No longer shall you terrorize me,” she whispered, her voice as raspy as dry leaves sliding on the sidewalk.

The creature laughed, slowly flapping his wings.  They were taller than him, and stained black.  “No one can defeat me, least of all you.”

She held the dagger in front of her, and took a step forward.  Her hand shook, but she forced it to stay still.  “No, you will not.”

The creature that she hunted suddenly stood alert.  A small smile played at the lips of the changing faces.

She took another step forward, brandishing the dagger.  An arrow shot from the back corner of the room, and slammed into her back.  She crumpled, tears filling her eyes.  She dropped face first onto the floor, blood seeping out of the wound.

A figure stepped out from a corner and ran out of the room.

The monster stretched its wings.  “No one can defeat me because a well-meaning person always destroys them first.”


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