Summer and Swimming

Hiya people.  It’s almost summer!!!  [It feels like it already, (already had the first sunburn of the season) but we have to wait a few more days for it to be official.]

Sorry for lack of posts…  I won’t even make up an excuse.  So saying, the schedule for this is going to change a little.  Haha, like I had a schedule in the first place…

I’m going to go back to posting once or twice a week.  The days will change, but the weeks that I post twice will be more lifestyle oriented.  Don’t’ freak out, I’ll try not to be dull and boring.  I’m not going to post about rearranging my room or anything, but I’ll give updates on what I’ve read recently, art stuffs, running through fields while singing the opening to the Sound of Music, and the like. 

I might take a week or two break in July, but probably not.  I couldn’t take a break if I tried. 

Thanks for reading as always! 😀

Now, this next part is mostly a rant about swimming.  Is this what I mean when I say life posts?  I don’t know.  Expect anything this summer.

Don’t get me wrong, swimming is great.  I just get mad when people think that swimming is “easy” or not a “real sport.”  Because it is.  Since we’re talking about summer, I figured I could tack this rant onto a post and therefore make it less weird. 

The Downside of Swimming:

  • Having to buy way too small swimsuits at the beginning of season.
  • Being in chlorine, living in chlorine, breathing in chlorine, drinking in chlorine, being chlorine.
  • Waking up the next day and having every single muscle sore.
  • Butterfly day.
  • Having water go up your nose during flip turns.
  • Your goggle leaking as soon as you dive off of the block. (We’d all rather have our goggles fall off than leak during a race though.)
  • Swimming in boiling water or freezing water. There’s no in-between.
  • Swimming against the year-rounders and realizing just how bad of shape you are in. (I do summer swim team, folks.)
  • Doing anything on the clock makes you temporarily unable to count. (Was I supposed to leave on the ten?  Wait, wasn’t it thirty?)
  • Eventually ignoring the clock altogether, and pretending to obey it when the coaches look.
  • It always thunderstorms during meets.
  • Eating twice your weight in food after swimming.  (is this such a bad thing though?)
  • Swimmer’s ear and earaches. (Some people don’t think swimmers really get injured.)
  • Belly flopping off of the blocks in front of everybody.  (At least once a year.)
  • False starting. (Diving before the buzzer.)
  • Especially in butterfly.  After you finished.  And then realizing you have to swim it over because someone false started.
  • Flip turns in three feet of water. (I’ve hit the ground so many times…)
  • Diving off super high blocks. (They don’t look high until you get on them.)
  • Almost hitting the ground because you dove straight down. (Of course, you can’t because that’s a DQ)
  • Having your swimsuit basically fall apart at the end of the season.

Still, swimming is pretty great.  You get to know your neighbors well (if you’re in a neighborhood) and get a fantastic workout.  And it’s probably the coolest sport, especially in summertime!  (Cool as in cold, not awesome.  Though it still is awesome.  This is getting weird.  I need to stop talking about swimming…  I’ll return to writing and books soon.)

Bye for now!



2 thoughts on “Summer and Swimming

  1. Hi Aster!
    So, when I was about ten years old, Mom suggested I do a swimming team thing. Your post just made my day, because I never made it on the swim team. 🙂 I didn’t have to put up with any of that for the most part. My family still have a self-set up pool, and we swim in it. (In our case, the water is ALWAYS freezing. There is not other alternative.) I get earaches or swimmer’s ear all the time, and had to buy a swim cap to decrease them a bit, because ear plugs weren’t helping any, but would cause just as many earaches as the water! We have our share of races, and someone always has a false start, but we race anyways, and just agree to argue after the fact as to who actually won. We never manage to do any butterflies, though I’ve tried. I agree, they are not something I want to do all the time.
    Another thing I don’t have to deal with is the diving clocks and blocks. (Hey! That rhymes!
    God bless and keep you in your eventful summer!


    • Hi! Glad I could brighten your day. 🙂 Racing with family is fun, but our family can’t ever agree on who wins because of something or other. 😛 Diving off blocks is fun when you do a perfect dive because it feels like you’re flying, but if you do a bad dive, it isn’t so enjoyable!



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