IT’S SUMMER!!!!!!!!

I have a pressing question.  What do Australians do?  Do they start the school year in September, and then work through the summer (our winter) then get their summer break with snow?  Do you start in April and stop in November?  What happens?  If you’re an Aussie, please comment and tell me because summer without swimming and flip flops sounds sad.  (Of course, it could just be a plain answer, like you start in the same month as pretty much everyone else.) [Edit:  An Aussie was kind enough to give an answer in the comment section. 🙂 ]

But if you’re reading this, that means that I finished school, which to me, is the definition of summer.

I finally finished that ACT test, all my classes have ended, and I’ll get a nice two or three weeks of vacation.  Ahem.  Yes.  Two or three weeks.  I’ve realized that I basically do year round school, just without the track outs.  I’m starting to wonder if this is unhealthy.  I didn’t take a spring or fall break and I had papers and tests over Christmas, and now I get a precious two or three weeks of summer vacation.  I just can’t not do school.

But, during those two or three weeks, I already have a bucket list, to satisfy the accomplishment-desiring me.

I’m going to do some art and actually post some art stuff like I’ve been meaning to do for almost a year.  Yeah.

I’m going to try and finish the first draft of Ice Cold.  (I can’t think of a title, somebody help me!!!)  I’ll probably be doing camp nanowrimo in July, so if you want to do it too, drop me a message in the contact section and we’ll be buddies. 🙂

I’m going to go to the beach!!!!  (I need to get my beach time in.  Last time I didn’t get to go at all, so I’m looking forward to the ocean.)

I want to have a day where I basically am a kid again.  Play outside all day (fending off mosquitoes) making flower crowns and pretending to be a ranger in the forest.

I have a pretty extensive reading list that includes: The Count of Monte Cristo, A Tale of Two Cities, The Girl Who Could See, Exiles (fangirl squeal–July 14), Unblemished, Emma, Jane Eyre, and gazillions more that I haven’t found yet.  If you have recommendations, let me know! 🙂

I’m going to get ahead with some blog stuff, so I can actually have a schedule!!!  (I’m not too sure about this one, but I remain ambitious.)

I’ve already gone hunting for fireflies this year, and firefly season is ending soon.  So if you haven’t, go outside and catch some!  (Assuming you have fireflies where you live.  If not, go catch tadpoles or something.)  Be a kid.  If you aren’t, pretend you are.  Because being a kid means embracing the muddy, playful, imaginative life.  And we writers need to have our imagination levels recharged sometimes. 😉

Today’s inspirational message ™ is over, now go and do something nice for someone! ❤

If you have any book recommendations, let me know below!  Have a happy second day of summer!



14 thoughts on “IT’S SUMMER!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Jess!
    So, I am in college, and this past year I have possibly had a total of five or six weeks break over the entire year. I am taking summer classes right now, so unfortunately I can’t play Rangers in the woods, though I would love to. I can barely play hide and go seek with my little siblings. To be honest though, when I don’t have school, you don’t have to worry about me sitting inside and doing nothing all day. When you have a ten year old sister and a four year old sister who adore you and want to spend almost every second with you (even when you’re doing school) and a three year old brother who is a copy cat and does everything his older sisters do, you can’t help but move about and go outside.

    Have a great summer!


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    • Yeah. I still make up stories and act them out when I’m making dinner. It’s embarrassing when my mom walks in and I wasn’t listening for her footsteps and she surprises me. And she always walks in when I am pretending to be either the bad guy or the person angry at the bad guy. Either way my voice is not nice and my face is not pretty. Then I have to take five minutes out of my time to explain to my mom that I was not grumbling about having to fix dinner, but that I was just pretending to… oh, never mind.

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    • Writing is just an excuse to keep all my imaginary friends, act out fight scenes in my bedroom, and sneak around in the woods. And no one thinks I’m crazy. (Actually, that statement is false. Everybody thinks I’m crazy, and they’re right. I just have an excuse to be insane AND act like a little kid.)

      I strongly encourage you to try Camp NaNo. It’s a great way to get words flowing without the pressure of nanowrimo 😉


      • I think it’s healthy to be a little bit insane…

        Yup, I think I am doing it. (Though I still have practically no idea how it works, except you set a goal and…do it 🙂 ) I have about 20,000 words left on my WIP, but can’t find the motivation to write them if it killed me. So. Writing buddies? 😛


      • Of course it is.

        Yay! It’s really that simple… 😉 If you want to be in the same “cabin” as me you can make an account and just send your username to me through my contact page. (Privacy, you know.) Only if you want to do it with a buddy.
        Doing it by yourself is perfectly fine. (And works just as well.) 😉

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  2. Jess, being the weird Aussies that we are, we get two weeks holiday starting next Friday, and then we go through to September, where we have another two weeks off, and then we have a six week summer break over Christmas. we usually go back to school first week of February. 😀 That’s the NSW holidays anyway, it varies from state to state. (I enjoy your blog, by the way :D)

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    • That’s interesting. So you sort of get a “summer break” during Christmas, but you also get a short break during summer and fall. That’s a nice schedule! 🙂

      Aw, thanks for reading! 😀


      • Yeah, we have holidays in autumn (April/March), winter (July), spring (September/October) and then a long holiday after Christmas, (Christmas is in our summer). So I’m enviously reading your post while I’m shivering in 7 degrees Celsius (45 Fahrenheit!), it gets colder though, so i shouldn’t complain.

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  3. Yeah, no tadpoles or fireflies where I live XD I guess I could go look for crabs on the beach, but that’s about it 😉

    This July will be my second camp nano! My goal is 30 hours of editing. I was going to do 20, but for some reason the goal tracker thing wouldn’t allow me to do less than 30 😛


    • Go stargazing or something. 🙂

      That’s weird about the tracker. I thought you could make it whatever size goal you chose. Maybe they put new limits on it. Whatever it is, good luck with your editing! 😀



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