I like making sarcastic posts.  This is one of them.

Recall, if you can, to all the posts around the last week of December/ first week in January.  If you can’t remember, I’ll tell you.  There was lots of “Goodbye, 2016, you were an awful year.”  And “Hello 2017!  I have resolutions and goals and you’re going to be an awesome year, not like 2016!”  Do you remember now?

Yeah.  I got a little sick of it too.  After all, years are just a celebration of making it once around the sun.  Like, YAY!  We made it around again!  I wasn’t too sure that we’d make it this time!  And  by the time 2018 rolls around (it’ll be here before you know it) everyone will hate 2017 and applaud 2018 just because.  

So I got thinking.  (Always a dangerous business.)

July first or so is half way through the year.  By now, the new year isn’t as shiny.  It’s been a little bruised and beaten.  As for me, who’s writing this in April, I can predict some things.  

  • Practically everyone has quit their “New Year’s Resolutions”
  • Everyone now hates 2017

(We’ll see if I’m right when this thing eventually gets published.  I’m willing to bet on it.)

What makes a new year so special?  I mean, we can decide to start over anytime we want, be it New Year’s day, March, or November 21.  

I would like to announce that setting goals on the New Year inspires laziness.  

Yep.  We have a whole year to make new goals, and yet most of us wait until January first.  Or summer.  Or next week.  AKA the ever present, but never able to meet, “tomorrow.”

Everyday has its ups and its downs.  So why do we expect the New Year to be perfect?  All great days, no bad days.  Maybe world peace will be established.  Well, maybe we’ll start World War III.  Just because a certain month comes up, doesn’t mean all of our problems are going to *poof* be magically solved.  

I’m not trying to be negative Nellie.  (Rather, quite the opposite.)

Instead of waiting for the next year to come around, how about we start doing things now?  Because let’s face it, the first half of 2017 was truly awful.  I’m looking forward to brighter days, brighter futures, and my dreams coming true in 2017.5

But I’m not going to sit around and wait for it to happen.

I’m going to get off the couch and start doing things.  Because why wait for a new year to roll around to do anything?  Start doing the thing now.  

If your goal fails, don’t worry.

There’s always #2017.6


3 thoughts on “#Hello2017.5

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  2. Nice point, Jess! I also hate new year resolutions simply because they seem to robotic and superficial. We do them because everyone else does them, not because we genuinely feel our sin and are resolved to change them. It is for this reason that I dread new year’s eve, for that is the night that my family sits down, plays monopoly, and makes resolutions. They always seem to be the same as the year before. I really like you idea of 2017.6!


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