An Arrow – Flash Fiction


Hello all peoples,

Intros are very hard to write.

Have a flash fiction.

(yes, my haiku are horrible and technically not haiku, but whatever :P)

One arrow.  That’s all it took.  And now I’m evil in their eyes forever.

Perhaps I should back up.

I had woken early that morning.  It was cold and dark.  Little Lorelei was sleeping next to me on some wool blankets on the tent floor.

They were after me, and we could only run.    Rose, my love, was sitting up near the tent flaps.  She heard me rustle and turned to me with empty eyes.  Fear had strayed too long; all that was left was hollowness.  

“Are you okay?” I asked, even though we both knew she wasn’t.


I sighed.  “They’re coming for us.  I don’t know how long I can hold them off.  Maybe a day, maybe a week, but we’re always going to be running, hiding.”

“We’ll leave the country.  Settle down in the desert.  Others have succeeded there.”

“We won’t last that long.  Not with Lorelei.”  I looked my golden-haired child.  “She doesn’t understand, and doesn’t have strength.”

I looked down at the ground.  “Take her and go.  If I can, I’ll escape, wait a few months, and then come back for you guys.”

“No.  We stay together, Nyx.”

“You’re safer without me.”

“Lorelei and I stay.”

I shook my head and smiled a tired smile.  “I love you.”

She gently laid a hand on Lorelei, and Lorelei rubs her eyes with her tiny fists.  “Is it time to go?” She says in a loud voice.

“Yeah,” I said.  

“Why are the bad guys still chasing us?”

Rose and I exchanged glances.  “They don’t like what daddy does,” I eventually said.

We packed up the tent and the blankets into our packs and started hiking through the forest again, stopping only to eat and sleep.


We traveled like that for several days, but our enemies gained ground at a pace we couldn’t keep up with.

It came at night.

I was staying up, watching for trouble.  I heard footsteps, then they were upon us.  Shouting and clanging and noise, awful battle noise.

Rose started screaming, and Lorelei started crying. The tent was ripped to shreds, and I was fighting them.  My sword against their swords. 

Through the haze of battle, I saw someone draw back a bow.  I pulled a knife from my side, and threw it at the person.  They released the arrow just as my knife hit their armor.  The person fell backwards, and I glanced back.

Red stained the ground around Rose.  

I screamed, and attacked the men.  They fell down before me.  I fought.  I fought for Rose, and I fought for Lorelei.  Man after man, until I was the only one left.

I stood, breathing heavily in the woods.  More would be coming.  I couldn’t stay long.

Rose wasn’t moving.  A scream escaped my mouth, cut off short when I saw her. Lorelei was sitting, staring at me in awe or horror, I couldn’t tell.

I scooped Lorelei into my arms with tears in my eyes.  “It’s going to be alright, Lore.  It’s going to be alright.”  I kissed Rose on the forehead and strode out of the forest.

Attacking the King’s heroes was an offense worthy of death.  They had been on me and Rose for several months for various things against the law, but they hadn’t proved anything yet.  I had no choice but to continue on as a fugitive now.  Sometimes it’s a terrible thing, being a villain.

hmph.  The idea was to get you to sympathize with Nyx and Rose and see their side of things, but then at the end you realize that you were routing for the villain.  I don’t know how well that translated, but oh well.

We’re doing one more short story challenge, so here are Wysteria’s prompts:

  That's why so many people give in to addictions.  Addictions provide temporary escape.

Writing prompt

And that is all.



10 thoughts on “An Arrow – Flash Fiction

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  3. It’s still interesting. Maybe they were caught in the middle of something and ended up on the wrong side. Or they could still be on the right side (we don’t really know anything about the king’s heroes. One could have been doing something that needed to be stopped. Nyx stopped him, but no one knew what actually happened. There are several possibilities.)


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