Wonderland – Flash Fiction


Hello, welcome to the final short story (flash fiction, really.)

The prompts I received were:


Wonderland.  I stood on the side of the street, holding my cardboard sign.  A few people passed me.  Some looked up.  Most didn’t.  The ones that did see me and my sign gave a quick glance, then returned their attention to other places.  A few drops of water fell from the sky, smearing the Sharpie letters and warping the cardboard, but it stopped after a few moments.  I saw people in the cars driving by.  Most focused on the road, ignoring the messy teenager standing on the sidewalk.  A few saw me and rolled their eyes.  I guess Wonderland isn’t a place that hitchhikers normally go.  I brushed my hair out of my face, and continued scanning the faces as they moved past.   I doubted if they had ever been to Wonderland.  I know that I had.  It was a happy place, a place full of color and love.  Not like this place. Somehow I had slipped into here.

I guess I lived there when I was a child.  There wasn’t anywhere else to live really.  The world was drab and gray.  People with gray clothes spoke gray words.  The emotions of people were gray.  Music was gray, movies were gray.

Everyone was okay with it, I guess.  Or maybe they just never noticed it.  Grayscale is awkward at first, but you adjust to it after a while.

A car pulled up to the curb, and the driver rolled down his windshield.  Middle aged, gray man in a gray business suit.  “Where you headed?”  He asked.

“Wonderland,” I said.  I watched his face.  He regarded me for a moment, and I slowly saw the disgust creep over his face.

“There’s no such place as Wonderland, kid,” he said.  “Go back where you came from.”  The window rolled up, and he sped off.  His tires squealed as they spun away.

I ran up to a pedestrian.  “Miss, could you please give me directions to Wonderland?”

She smiled, but didn’t stop.  “You’re joking.  Wonderland isn’t real.”

I stood, staring after her.

I felt the tears well up, but I winked them away.  I took a deep breath and turned around again.

Gray.  Everywhere.  Everyone was too busy to notice a girl with an ugly sign for a make believe place.

I lowered my sign and turned back towards home.  A flash of green caught my attention.

I turned, curious, and started walking towards the green glow.  I trekked out of the dirty streets and out of the city, following the color.

An hour later, I arrived.  Thousands of green trees, surrounding the city.  They were vibrant and real, wonderfully real.  There was a small dirt path leading into the forest, with a wooden sign with “Wonderland” written on it nearby.

The gray rain started to fall with intensity.  I placed my sign on the ground by the forest.  I closed my eyes, and stepped onto the path.  I didn’t look back.  There was color again.

Alright, so I know this isn’t great lit.  However, I took a sad story I wrote a while back, and changed it to a happier ending.  So it’s important to me. 😉

That’s it for the story challenge!  I hope you have enjoyed.

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I’ll be posting three times a month like normal now, and it’ll be more normal content. 🙂




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