Hi, I’m Aster!  If you haven’t yet realized, I’m behind all the glitches, typos, and weird graphics.  (Oh yeah, I also write everything on here.)

Why the name?  Sooo… Everyone else has a cute an original name, and has to explain it is a cutesy way.  However creative I might be, I couldn’t come up with a witty blog name.  

  I love anything artsy, including painting, drawing, sculpting, making wire jewelry, playing piano, and spending way to much time on the dictionary website.  I also like to write, (whenever I’m not doing school,) or read a good book.  I write short stories, novels, novelas, and even some poetry.  (And, of course, blog.)

The musings of a wild book dragon part?  That was as creative as I could think of.  (Besides, book dragon is cooler than book worm.)

Since this is supposed to be an about page, I suppose I should put some things about myself.

I am a rather nerdy teenager. (May the mass times acceleration be with you.)  I am a proud INTJ.  (One of the rarest MBTI types.)  I have a bad relationship with”be” verbs, as they tend to sneak in everywhere.  I detest that little spot of paint where it dripped from my brush onto my paper.  And I absolutely cannot garden, even though I try every spring.  I have some interesting stories, like the time I jumped off a ten-story tower just for fun. (Actually, it was terrifying.  Look, another “be” verb.)  They say write what you know, so I am attempting different experiences to see how it really feels.  Even though that might have been a little drastic… 

So look have fun looking at a really interesting blog!  

I promise I will not be as wordy as all this most of the time. 😀  Enjoy the blog!

Jessi (AKA Jess, Aster, or the Artful Author)