7 of the Best Fictional Couples

Story Time: English class, with my wonderful teacher.  (It’s a homeschool class, with maybe 20 students.)  We were discussing poetry, and the topic of conversation was William Shakespeare’s Sonnets.  One girl (obviously a fangirl,) cried, “I ship it.”  

My poor teacher.  She was like, “what on earth are you talking about?”  So the girl repeated herself.  “I ship it.”  My teacher had no idea what she was talking about.  No one really wanted to try and explain our craziness to the world, so eventually, my teacher gave up, and turned back to discussing people that were like summer days.Image result for meme ship and fandoms pirate

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A List of Rare Mythological Creatures

Kelpie - a water horse from Celtic mythology thought to haunt the rivers and lochs of Scotland and Ireland:

So, I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that dragons are getting a little overused.  You know?  Every fantasy book has to have a dragon.  When did that become a thing?  Just because The Hobbit has the best dragon ever doesn’t mean everyone else has to copy…  

I’m guilty too.  Dragons are just plain cool.  But, there are other cool creatures out there too.  So, a small list of lesser appreciated creatures. Continue reading

A Little Thing Called Pinterest (And Why You Need it for Writing)

pinterestAnybody heard of Pinterest?  I try not to spend my whole life on the site.  It’s seriously addictive.  I primarily began using it for writing.  Why Pinterest, you ask.  Isn’t that only for clothing and food?  I’m here to tell you that Pinterest is amaze for writing.  No this isn’t an advertisement for my Pinterest account, even though I might use some examples and I wouldn’t mind the followers.  😛

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Building Strong Characters

guest-postSo….  Wysteria from headintheclouds913.wordpress.com wrote a guest post on my blog, (Which you can find here) so I wrote one on her cool blog!  (Find that one HERE!)

Someone once told me: “Premise is what makes me pick up the book and start reading.  Plot is what makes me continue reading.  But the characters are the ones that make me pick up the book and read it over again.”  You could have an awesome plot complete with unicorns, a thieving dragon, high-tech computers, and coffee, but if you don’t have in depth characters, no one is going to care.  I wrote a little about this here.

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Should you MBTI Type Your Characters?

slide1I was very happy when I discovered my personality type.  For one thing, it showed that I was rare, (Less than one percent are women, and sometimes thought to be the rarest of all) It also showed that I wasn’t totally alone in my adverseness to hug-y people.  Points to whoever can guess what type I am.  (Scroll to find out)  The questions is: Should you type your characters?  First off, what is MBTI? Continue reading

Unique Character Names


I find that it is very hard to think of original names for series.  Like Percy– oh no, can’t use him.  (You thought “Jackson,” didn’t you?)  Or Alyss–nice spelling, but  used too. (The Ranger’s Apprentice)  I’ve made a handy list of some of my favorite names.  Obviously, some will have been used before, but not in super well-known series.  Hopefully they will inspire you! Continue reading