How To Write The INTJ Character (more than the villain)

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I‘m an INTJ, and I know several people who are INTJs.  I like to think I know a bit about this topic.  (Note, even if you aren’t interested in typing your characters, this may be helpful for any villain.)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Myers-Briggs testing, INTJs are known as the planners, strategists,  and brilliant masterminds.   Consequently, they are often portrayed as the villain in fiction when they appear.  INTJs tend to express little emotion,  and their logic is nearly flawless, but why always put him/her in the antagonist’s role?  People often place the INTJ as the antagonist in their story.   This is wrong.   In the classic novel,  there is a corrupted mastermind who plans world domination,  or something equally damaging,  like cutting in line for coffee.  Along comes a rookie, who knows nearly nothing about the destroying-evil villains process, (Or how long the guy has waited for everyone to look in a different direction,)  and they find a flaw in the antagonist’s plan.  Ka-boom, brilliant mastermind with years of experience defeated by a novice.  (At the very least, the INTJ has to wait his turn in line for coffee.) Continue reading

Building Strong Characters

guest-postSo….  Wysteria from wrote a guest post on my blog, (Which you can find here) so I wrote one on her cool blog!  (Find that one HERE!)

Someone once told me: “Premise is what makes me pick up the book and start reading.  Plot is what makes me continue reading.  But the characters are the ones that make me pick up the book and read it over again.”  You could have an awesome plot complete with unicorns, a thieving dragon, high-tech computers, and coffee, but if you don’t have in depth characters, no one is going to care.  I wrote a little about this here.

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Should you MBTI Type Your Characters?

slide1I was very happy when I discovered my personality type.  For one thing, it showed that I was rare, (Less than one percent are women, and sometimes thought to be the rarest of all) It also showed that I wasn’t totally alone in my adverseness to hug-y people.  Points to whoever can guess what type I am.  (Scroll to find out)  The questions is: Should you type your characters?  First off, what is MBTI? Continue reading

Unique Character Names


I find that it is very hard to think of original names for series.  Like Percy– oh no, can’t use him.  (You thought “Jackson,” didn’t you?)  Or Alyss–nice spelling, but  used too. (The Ranger’s Apprentice)  I’ve made a handy list of some of my favorite names.  Obviously, some will have been used before, but not in super well-known series.  Hopefully they will inspire you! Continue reading