The Cursed Queen (A Snow White Story)

cursed queenMy English teacher just discovered fanfiction.  Let’s just say that she was more than a little horrified.  My English teacher likes normal, traditional novels such as Pride and Prejudice and Anne of Green Gables.  So, we all got a rant about fanfiction.  The whole rant went something like this:

“Have you ever heard of a thing called fanfiction?”

Since most of us are nerds, we all said yes.  

“Do you know what it is?”

We all said yes.  

“Well it’s garbage.” 

To be fair, she was looking at Pride and Prejudice fanfics.  I would expect people who write p&p fanfics to be slightly more cultured, but it turns out that my dear English teacher was horrified that anyone could take a perfectly good story with perfectly good characters and a perfectly good plot and change it.   Continue reading


If you liked these books, you might like These…

these books

(Sorry for the lack of posts.  I’ve been a little busy.)

Anyways, isn’t the weather just delightful?  *sneezes*  The pollen is flying through the air, bugs are biting, and every single flower and tree are releasing some sort of allergen. 

So I’ve been stuck indoors, and what do you do when you’re stuck inside?  Read.  Lots of reading.  If you’ve re-read all your favorites, you might just want to scroll through this post to find similar books to your tastes. 😉 Continue reading

7 of the Best Fictional Couples

Story Time: English class, with my wonderful teacher.  (It’s a homeschool class, with maybe 20 students.)  We were discussing poetry, and the topic of conversation was William Shakespeare’s Sonnets.  One girl (obviously a fangirl,) cried, “I ship it.”  

My poor teacher.  She was like, “what on earth are you talking about?”  So the girl repeated herself.  “I ship it.”  My teacher had no idea what she was talking about.  No one really wanted to try and explain our craziness to the world, so eventually, my teacher gave up, and turned back to discussing people that were like summer days.Image result for meme ship and fandoms pirate

Read on for ship worthy fictional couples. ❤ Continue reading

Should Books Be Banned?

should books be bannedI was googling some things, and I saw this recommended search: “why books should be banned.”  Curious, I clicked on the search button.  

Basically, the articles that came up said that books put poison in children’s minds that they can’t get out, and are bad for civilization.  Books that explore ideas such as racial prejudices, unpopular religious views, adult stuff.

Should we ban those books?

This is my opinion, and you’re welcome to disagree. Continue reading

Lessons from Lit- Be Thankful

If you haven’t noticed that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, you probably live under a rock. Or live somewhere else besides the USA.  Or have young kids.  Anyways, November just seems like a good month to be thankful in.  (Also, if you’re like our Canadian friend who joined us for Thanksgiving dinner last year, you’ll find out that America has some pretty good food too.) Continue reading

A Poet’s Life- Edgar Albert Guest

Image resultEdgar Albert Guest, not to be confused with Edgar Allen Poe, was a prolific poet known for his light-hearted and sometimes humorous poems.  Actually, Guest was one of the few poets who had a normal-ish life.  It seems like every other poet had a terrible childhood, usually involving boarding school.

Edgar Guest held the title of Poet Laureate of Michigan, and rightly so.  He published over twenty volumes of poetry, and wrote over 11,000 poems!  He was born in England, but his family moved to Michigan, in 1891 when Edgar was ten.  

Continue reading

Book Review- Girl of the Limberlost

Introducing one of my favorite books of all time: The Girl of the Limberlost.  Okay, just to start out with: it’s an oldie.  Sometimes, when I mention this in my list of favorite books, people will furrow their brows and looks at me funny.  I just say: “It’s an older book,” and their expression clears, but no one has ever read it afterwards.  Somehow, books that were not placed in the “classic” category (that is mandatory reading in school, thus ruining their charm), but are too outdated to be read by millennials sit sadly on the library shelf, gathering dust. Continue reading