5 Poisonous Plants every Writer Should Know About!

slide1Happy Halloween!  Here’s a post that fits the theme!

I have always been obsessed with poisonous and venomous thing.  Quick explanation: If you bite it, and you die, it’s poisonous.  If it bites you, and you die, it’s venomous.  Venom must be injected through a wound.  In some cases, you can swallow venom, and be okay. Poison is mostly touch delivered. (Injested, contact, etc.)  Now we have all that cleared up, let us begin.

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Unique Character Names


I find that it is very hard to think of original names for series.  Like Percy– oh no, can’t use him.  (You thought “Jackson,” didn’t you?)  Or Alyss–nice spelling, but  used too. (The Ranger’s Apprentice)  I’ve made a handy list of some of my favorite names.  Obviously, some will have been used before, but not in super well-known series.  Hopefully they will inspire you! Continue reading