Worldbuilding Questions


*claps hands gleefully*  This is one of my favorite topics.  Yeesh, even if you’re not a writer, keep reading.  My joy and excitement alone are amazing.  

Let’s talk worldbuilding.  My computer still underlines it with red squiggles, but worldbuilding is a word in my book.  What’s worldbuilding?  Basically, building a world.  Rocket science, I know.  Oh, but it’s so much fun.  You take a flat piece of earth, and make it into an amazing world.  That’s how I started writing, actually.  I made up an entire imaginary world in my head while doing the dishes, and it grew, and grew, and grew some Continue reading


5 Poisonous Plants every Writer Should Know About!

slide1Happy Halloween!  Here’s a post that fits the theme!

I have always been obsessed with poisonous and venomous thing.  Quick explanation: If you bite it, and you die, it’s poisonous.  If it bites you, and you die, it’s venomous.  Venom must be injected through a wound.  In some cases, you can swallow venom, and be okay. Poison is mostly touch delivered. (Injested, contact, etc.)  Now we have all that cleared up, let us begin.

But first a story. Continue reading