Historical Writing Prompts

Adobe Spark (9)It’s been a while since we’ve had a round of writing prompts on here.  I decided to branch out and do historical prompts.  This place was getting bogged down with all the fantasy prompts.  

Now, I don’t write historical.  I tried to write a short story set in the Great Depression, but it turned into a miserable failure.  (Actually, my seven year old brother read it over my shoulder while I typed it, and I asked him for help.  The plot didn’t improve, so I’ll blame that story’s failure on him. But he liked the story.)

These historical fiction prompts are going to be something unique because–guess what– they all happened in history!  (I know, historical fiction normally is set in history, but hear me out.)  

These prompts were all in the newspaper and they caught my eye.  These are real life prompts, taken from headlines and articles in newspapers a long time ago.  Some are quite humorous, and I daresay you’ll like them whether you write historical or not. Continue reading

Blue Sky Tag

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Hi all of you out there!  *waves*  It’s been a long while.  But I have returned! (From TeenPact, sickness, and school.)

I’ve been tagged with the Blue Sky Tag by Hailey of haileyhudson.wordpress.com.  Go check out her blog, it’s inspiring. 🙂

That means I’m answering a whole bunch of questions, then nominating some more people for my own questions.   Continue reading

Me and Goals (aka, the love-hate relationship)

Let me say a scary word.  GOALS.

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Ah, goals.  They’re shiny, impossible things that everyone wants to conquer, but they are kind of scary to because no one ever seems to complete them.

I have too many of them.  And yet I add to the on-going list all. the. time.  

Now, some people might say it’s good to make goals.  People tend to make goals during New Years, but February rolls around, and everyone has quietly dropped those goals.  (Except for the select few that actually keep those goals.  In that case, good for you.)

Here’s the problem with goals.  They tear me down. Continue reading

Top FAQs About Homeschooling

faq homeschool

I’ve gotten tired of all the silly questions.  (If you’re a homeschooler, you know what I mean.)

So from now on, anytime someone asks me one of these, I’m just going to point them to this helpful list.  If you’re a non-homeschooler, do us a favor and read this list anyways so you don’t have to ask them yourselves.  If you’re a homeschooler, well, I guess you’ll just feel with me. Continue reading

7 of the Best Fictional Couples

Story Time: English class, with my wonderful teacher.  (It’s a homeschool class, with maybe 20 students.)  We were discussing poetry, and the topic of conversation was William Shakespeare’s Sonnets.  One girl (obviously a fangirl,) cried, “I ship it.”  

My poor teacher.  She was like, “what on earth are you talking about?”  So the girl repeated herself.  “I ship it.”  My teacher had no idea what she was talking about.  No one really wanted to try and explain our craziness to the world, so eventually, my teacher gave up, and turned back to discussing people that were like summer days.Image result for meme ship and fandoms pirate

Read on for ship worthy fictional couples. ❤ Continue reading

My Projects

I realized that after all these goal related posts, that I haven’t really talked about my own goals, completed or in progress.  (Or somewhere floating around in the galaxy…)

If you missed the whole motivation saga, you can read them now. (The Best Websites for Keeping Writing Goals +Camp NaNo, What to do When Lacking Motivation to Write, Why We Write)

Otherwise, this post is going to be about my own writing stuff.  Expect lots of rambling. Continue reading

Should Books Be Banned?

should books be bannedI was googling some things, and I saw this recommended search: “why books should be banned.”  Curious, I clicked on the search button.  

Basically, the articles that came up said that books put poison in children’s minds that they can’t get out, and are bad for civilization.  Books that explore ideas such as racial prejudices, unpopular religious views, adult stuff.

Should we ban those books?

This is my opinion, and you’re welcome to disagree. Continue reading

A Brief Update and an Announcement

Ahem.  *clears throat*


As some of you know, I don’t have constant access to wi-fi at the moment.  Therefore, posts might be slightly sporadic for a bit.  I’ll try to post whenever I have access, but read aware.  You might want to check out the posts: Hilarious Writing Humor!Bunnicula- Book Review, 5 Poisonous Plants every Writer Should Know About!, and Off Track- Short Story because I know you’ll miss me.

The Announcement:

I have embarked upon a new journey.  

First, let’s talk about fandoms.  (Have you ever tried to explain to your parents what fandoms, headcannons, and all that stuff?  It’s difficult.)

Fandoms are crazy, and awesome.  And who says you can’t be in just one?  Currently, I’m in the Narnia fandom, Ranger’s Apprentice fandom, Percy Jackson fandom, Lord of the Rings fandom, and the list goes on and on and on.

Have you ever wanted to visit a site completely devoted and dedicated to fandoms?  This new website will cure all your ails, imaginary or real, become a place to mourn beloved character’s deaths, relive dramatic moments, and memes.  Can’t forget the memes.Image result for sebastian gif little mermaid

Enough with the toothpaste commercial.

Introducing Fandom Quest.

I’m a co-author of the blog, along with three other lovely people.  If you ever need more posts about fandom-related things, that’s the place to go.  The posts won’t stop here!

If you’d like to read a piece I wrote, go here.

So saying, my computer has no access to wi-fi, and hopefully this draft will save before my computer crashes.  


UPDATE:  hey lookie, it actually saved and published!

Why We Write

glamorous. fabulous. charming. fun. flirty. elegant. exciting. delicate. whimsical. wonderful....:

It’s February.  Also known as the time when most people give up their New Year’s Resolutions.  Anyone out there who has?  *awkwardly raises hand*  And if one of those was a writing goal, you’re in the same boat as I am.

So, encouragement time.  Here’s to lots of writing in 2017.  (A little late, but hey, it’s something.) Continue reading