Mind Reader – Character Prompts!

character prompt featureIt’s been a while, but here we go again!  This time I decided to go slightly zany.  Then again, most everything is a little zany around here, so there is not much difference. 🙂   Continue reading


A List of Little-Known Superpowers

Essokinesis- can create, change, destroy, or even alter reality just by thinking about it; while weaker users are limited to what is already considered "real", stronger ones can make changes from nothing. Depending on the power of a reality warper, they may alter something as tangible as physics to something inconceivable like logic.Superpowers are cool.  And overused.  I scoured the inter web for this list of little-known superpowers that will always be cool.  (You’re welcome.)

So, you all probably know that a post of a similar name was already written: A List of the Lesser Known Superpowers.  However, that post has since become the most popular Continue reading

DreamTreaders- Trilogy Review

Dreams have always been a subject of fascination to me.  I’ve had dreams where I wasn’t even in them.  Like no where in the entire dream.  I see my dreams as movies, (albeit odd ones) and they can sometimes be good stories, both the subject of dreams, and the dreams themselves.  Anything about dreams is interesting, movies, (Inception) or books.  Which brings me to “Dreamtreaders,” by Wayne Thomas Batson, one of the most original trilogies I’ve read. Continue reading