The Case for Pictures

If you were rich in the 1500s, you would probably sit for a portrait at some point in your life. If you were royalty, you might take several portraits over your lifetime. Skip forward a few hundred years, and people have cameras on their phones and can (and do) take pictures of literally everything. When... Continue Reading →

southern gothic

There are little white churches with boards over the windows. The sign out front still invites guests to come at 10:30 for service and 9:30 for Sunday school. The parking lot is always empty during those times. Occasionally, you'll see light coming through the windows late at night. Ignore it. At night, you can sometimes... Continue Reading →

Journaling (a simple habit to start)

This month marks a year since I began consistently journaling. *cue applause* My relationship with diaries and journals begins back in elementary school, with a tiny pink Ariel notebook. I wrote in very bad handwriting with even worse spelling the things that happened in my very exciting second grade life. I quit that after a... Continue Reading →

My Summer Reading

I got into the habit of going to thrift stores this summer. Support your local thrift stores, guys. I can buy cheap clothes, books, and various odds and ends without feeling (too) guilty. As a result, I ended up with more books than I could feasibly read (help me), but this isn’t the time for me... Continue Reading →

Heartless – short story

   The dread pirate Farely is not a very dreadful name for a pirate, but it’s the name I was stuck with. In my poor parents’ defense, I don’t think they knew I was going to be a pirate. When you’re stuck with a name like Farely though, you must make up for it in... Continue Reading →

a letter to the lonely

I went to Regionals for my speech competition, and it was good. One of the days, though, I felt really overwhelmed, and I went outside with some music to hide. Someone found me in my hiding spot, and sat down with me. When I first met her last year, we didn't get along. It wasn't... Continue Reading →

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