Books for the Spooky Season (basically my favorite gothic books)

It's the spooky season! For me, that means long sleeves, an abundance of tea (especially English Breakfast), and books. (All of the spiders can die in fire. There are spiderwebs and spiders everywhere where I live now. *shudder*) Especially the books. I hate horror and all the creepy gory books that are all over right... Continue Reading →


Journaling (a simple habit to start)

This month marks a year since I began consistently journaling. *cue applause* My relationship with diaries and journals begins back in elementary school, with a tiny pink Ariel notebook. I wrote in very bad handwriting with even worse spelling the things that happened in my very exciting second grade life. I quit that after a... Continue Reading →

My Summer Reading

  Well, this blog kinda died. Thankfully I am in the possession of a good necromancer, and she kindly convinced me to resurrect this little project. Her powers aren’t always the strongest, so if this blog dies again, it’s not her fault. She’s doing her best, guys.  However, just like certain people, this blog won’t... Continue Reading →

Heartless – short story

I'm back! Again! Life is crazy! Wysteria and I are doing our annual short story prompt challenge again this summer. Below are the prompts and the story that resulted.  The dread pirate Farely is not a very dreadful name for a pirate, but it’s the name I was stuck with. In my poor parents’ defense,... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Art

Hello.  I return.  My absence on this little blog can be accounted for by exactly one thing: the NCFCA.  In case you aren't in the homeschooled Christian community, it stands for National Christian Forensics and Communications Association.  It's a fancy way of saying national stress and exhaustion association. (Or basically, speech and debate.) Anyways, I've... Continue Reading →

My Year in Books

Well, it's the last day of January and I wanted to get one post out this month so... here we go.  It's been a crazy month.  I can't really make any promises but I'm hoping for at least one post a month for the next couple months.  Sigh.  When did life get so crazy? Dystopian/Sci... Continue Reading →

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